Gema Pérez-Chacón galardonada con el Premio Profesor Durantez

Gema Pérez-Chacón honored with the Professor Durantez Award

Doctors Juan Manuel Domínguez (Pharma Mar) and Gema Pérez-Chacón (IIBM, CSIC-UAM) have been awarded the Professor Durántez Award from the L.A.I.R. Foundation to the best scientific publication on tumor immunology in 2020 for his work entitled: "CD13 as a new tumor target for antibody-drug conjugates: validation with the conjugate MI130110" (J Hematol Oncol. 2020, 13 (1): 32). This work was carried out in PharmaMar and in the laboratory of Dr. Juan Manuel Zapata (IIBM, CSIC-UAM) also had the collaboration of groups from the Instituto de Investigacion Sanitaria Hospital de la Princesa (IIS-IP) and the CNIC. This work identifies CD13 as a new tumor target for rare and hematological cancers and develops a new antibody-drug complex (ADC) directed against this target.

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