The CSIC is an institution traditionally committed to equal opportunities for men and women in terms of working conditions and opportunities. It works actively in the effective promotion of gender equality, as well as in the integration of the gender perspective in the contents and developments of research and innovation. You can find all the information and documentation in the context of equality in science at CSIC in the following links:

  • Equality at CSIC. In this link you can download very relevant documents and information such as the III Plan for Equality between women and men in the National Government and its Public Bodies, information on the different steps taken by the CSIC in the implementation of the Plan for Equality between women and men in the CSIC State Agency, the protocol for prevention and intervention against sexual harassment and harassment based on sex in the CSIC, the guide of conciliation of the National Government and a guide for a non-sexist use of language in the Autonomous University of Madrid, adopted by the CSIC.
  • Science in equality.
  • Women and science.

IIBM Equality Committee

The IIBM Equality Committee was constituted in February 2022, in accordance with the equality policies implemented by the General State Administration and the CSIC, after being approved by the IIBM Board. Its main objective is to promote gender equality both in the research, technical and administrative staff of our center; as well as to promote and work on equality in terms of sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, etc. Among our functions, we emphasize that we are available to help anyone in the center who feels discriminated or harassed for any of these reasons.

The IIBM Equality Committee is part of the UAM+CSIC Intercenter Equality Commission, formed by 10 centers located or related to the UAM+CSIC Campus of Excellence: CBMSO, CIAL, CNB, ICMAT, ICMM, ICP, ICV, IFT, IIBM and IMN. In this commission we work in coordination on gender equality and promotion of women in science.

In this section we will publish news and events related to equality in CSIC and in science in general. We will also inform about the activities and news of the commission on Twitter using the hastag @IIBmCSICUAM#Igualdad in collaboration with the IIBM Scientific Communication and Culture Unit.

To solve any doubt, problem or suggestion, you can contact us at igualdad@iib.uam.es or if you prefer, directly by mail, phone or in person, with any of the members of the IIBM Equality Committee: