Donación de ALANTRA al IIBM para diagnóstico de Covid19

ALANTRA donation to IIBM for Covid19 diagnostics

The company ALANTRA has made a donation of 305,000 euros to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) for the acquisition of two robots and reagents for molecular diagnosis of COVID19 at the Alberto Sols Institute for Biomedical Research (IIBM). The IIBM, a joint center of the CSIC and the Autonomous University of Madrid, participates in an effort in collaboration with the Department of Public Health, Preventive Medicine and Microbiology of the UAM School of Medicine to launch a diagnostic platform for COVID19 by PCR. The start was initiated at the request of the Carlos Tercero Health Institute via UAM Vice-Rectorate for Research, which coordinates the operation. ALANTRA's donation represents a decisive boost to the effort being made to launch the diagnostic platform, since the two robots will allow the processing of a significant number of samples in a short period of time.