Despedida del Dr. Carlos Gancedo por su jubilación

Departure of Prof. Carlos Gancedo due to retirement

On December 18, on the occasion of his retirement after 57 years of service, Professor Carlos Gancedo gave in the auditorium of the Alberto Sols Biomedical Research Institute the lecture entitled "Releasing ties" ("Soltando amarras").

Carlos Gancedo has been part of our center since its inception. He moved from the CSIC's Center for Biological Research in the mid-sixties of the last century with Alberto Sols, under whose direction he did his doctoral thesis, to establish the Institute of Enzymology, an embryo of the IIBM.

Since then, his professional career has been a show of dedication and love for science and knowledge, practicing in recent years as Professor of the CSIC linked ad honorem. It is an international reference in the biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics of yeasts, and has thus been recognized for many years with the most prestigious awards in this discipline.

In his lecture, Professor Gancedo spoke about his beginnings in scientific research, about the vocation as an engine of dedication to Science, about the debatable advantages of promoting misunderstood productivity to the detriment of scientific work with no other purpose than the search for the unknown, on the applicability of experimental results and on the importance of yeasts for the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Carlos Gancedo's magnificent lecture was entertaining and enriching, and served as the finishing touch to a very long and successful scientific career, an example for many researchers. It was broadcast telematically, was followed by many people, and was recorded so that it could be reproduced by anyone who wishes at the following link:

Carlos Gancedo's lecture - December 18th 2020

The IIBM wants to express to Professor Gancedo its deep respect and gratitude, and wishes him all the best in his new journey, which is always what begins when one break the ties.