Biomedical NMR Facility Sebastián Cerdán

The Biomedical NMR Facility Sebastián Cerdán has been developed to allow the use of this tool to the different interested laboratories. The facility provides scientific advice, technological support and updated instrumentation to public and private organisms that need this technology.

Our laboratory is equipped with two MR systems with field strengths: Bruker Biospec 70/16 and Bruker Avance Neo 11,7T, both allow to obtain imaging and spectrum MR from in vivo and in vitro samples. High resolution experiments are possible to do with Bruker Avance Neo 11.7 Tesla scanner, with a total of 3 radiofrequency excitation channels.

MRI and NMR studies are possible in the Biomedical NMR Facility Sebastián Cerdán thanks to the equipments: BioSpec 70/16 and Bruker Avance Neo 11,7T.

Biospec 70/16 provides anatomical images (T1, T2, T2* and DP weighted images, cardiac imaging); quantitative maps from different parameters (relaxometry, magnetization transfer, diffusion parameters, perfusion..) and in vivo localized spectra allowing longitudinal studies. We provide the anesthesia protocols, contrast agents and monitoring systems commonly used during magnetic resonance imaging.

Avance Neo 11,7T allows in vitro and ex vivo spectra from different nucleus (1H, 31P, 19F, 13C) thanks to the large variety of high resolution probes: TXI, TXO, BBI and HR MAS (to analyze intact biological tissues samples). NMR spectroscopy played a key role in metabolomics and metabolic studies.

The facility works with UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified by AENOR and is a member of the Comunidad de Madrid Laboratory Network (Registration Number 105)



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