Available equipment includes: Qiagen Qiacube Nucleic acids automatic extraction system; Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for nucleic acids quality verification ; ND-1000, ND-8000 and Nanodrop One spectrophotometers; Invitrogen Qubit 2.0 fluorometer; ABI Prism 7900 HT FAST and QS7 real-time PCR system; ABI Prism 3130XL multi-capillary DNA analyzer; Biomek 3000 workstation; PCR Systems…

NGenomics Core Facility at the IIB, founded in 1994, provides its services to IIB and external users in order to support their research and diagnosis.

Services provided include among others: automatic purification of nucleic acids from cells, tissues or FFPE samples; spectrophotometric or fluorimetric quantification and quality analysis of RNA and DNA; plasmid DNA purification; Real Time allelic discrimination; Real-Time PCR relative or absolute gene expression quantification; DNA Sanger Sequencing and fragment analysis; human or mouse cell lines STRs based authentication; PCR based species identification (human, mouse, rat...); mycoplasma detection in cell lines media supernatant or RNA samples; PCR transgenic mouse genotyping; oligonucleotide design for different applications; experiments design support…

Our facility works under UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.



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