Non-Invasive Neurofunctional Evaluation

We perform multiple tests for the non-invasive neurofunctional phenotyping in animal models, both in rodents and in larger species. We are specialized in the evaluation of auditory function by recording the auditory evoked potentials of brainstem, and we have the necessary equipment and experience for the phenotyping of other systems such as vestibular, neuromotor, somatosensory or respiratory.

The service is distinctive in its activity, unique in Spain, and was formed in 2007 as part of the Network of Laboratories of the Community of Madrid. Located in the CSIC, its staff is provided by the CIBERER (CIBER-ISCIII).

  • Auditory characterization of genetically modified mice and other animal models.
  • Auditory evaluation of animal models during aging, noise exposure, infections, ototoxics and in altered nutritional states.
  • Development of preclinical trials for the evaluation of new drugs, including auditory pharmacology and toxicology studies;
  • The study of surgical approaches to the ear for the administration of drugs, as well as their vehicles.


The services offered include among others:

  • Evaluation of auditory function using non-invasive techniques (auditory evoked brainstem potentials, otoacoustic emissions, magnetic resonance imaging).
  • Development of models of hearing damage due to exposure to noise or ototoxicity and its application for the preclinical evaluation of new treatments.
  • Local surgical administration of drugs to the ear (bullostomy and transtympanic injection) and evaluation of vehicles for their administration.
  • Inner ear sampling and processing for histological and molecular studies.



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