Immunity, Immunopathology and Emergent Therapies

The current ways of more sedentary lifestyles, obesity, as well as the uncontrolled activity of the immune system and inflammation play a fundamental role in the development and worsening of cardiovascular, metabolic (in its broadest sense), autoimmune and infectious diseases. Our group, composed by various principal investigators, focuses its efforts on understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the metabolic homeostasis of the immune system and the pathologies derived from its deregulation, including infectious, inflammatory, neoplastic and autoimmune diseases, many of them still lacking a cure. Our group also has a clear translational vocation with projects focused on the development of new approaches and therapeutic tools to combat these diseases.

Specifically, the projects developed by our group are:

Immune response to Plasmodium and the involvement of thyroid hormones. Development of new therapies against Malaria (I. Ps: Susana Alemany de la Peña and Ana Aranda Iriarte).

Immunometabolic regulation of macrophages. Involvement of nuclear receptors in the differentiation, homeostasis and specific identity of tissue macrophages (I.P: Antonio Castrillo Viguera).

Physiopathology of B lymphocytes. Development of preclinical models of B neoplasms and autoimmune diseases. Identification and preclinical study of new pharmacological and immunomodulatory agents of therapeutic interest (I. Ps: Juan Manuel Zapata Hernández and José González Castaño).


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Metabolic and Immune Diseases

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Neurological Diseases and Aging

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Rare Diseases

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