Indirect Calorimetry

The unit counts with an indirect calorimetry equipment (PhenoMaster, TSE-System GmbH) capable of monitoring various metabolic parameters such as: food and water intake, ambulatory activity, oxygen consumption, CO2 production, respiratory quotient and energy expenditure.

Indirect calorimetry is a method by which measurements of respiratory gas exchange (oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production) are used to estimate the type and amount of substrate oxidized and the amount of energy used by the organism.

It is a non-invasive methodology applicable to the investigation of metabolic pathophysiology, the study of physical exercise, thermogenesis and nutrition. The unit consists of 16 cages for mice or 10 cages for rats in which the O2 consumed, CO2 produced, food and water intake and ambulatory movement of each animal are measured, allowing the determination of the metabolic quotient, energy expenditure, proportion of energy substrates (carbohydrates and lipids) and horizontal motor activity throughout the experimental time.

Finally, the unit is provided with a treadmill for the study of physical exercise and fatigue.

This equipment provides service to CIBERDEM (Ciber de Diabetes y Enfermedades Metabólicas Asociadas), which provided funding for its aquisition.



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