Sebastián Cerdán toma posesión como académico de número de la Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia

Sebastián Cerdán has been named Academician of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy

Excmo. Sr. D. Sebastián Cerdán García-Esteller took office as academician of number of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy on April 28th. His relatives, friends and colleagues attended at the Solemn Session where Excma. Sra. Dña. María Cascales Angosto, Academician of number of the RANF, replied him.
Professor Sebastián Cerdán read the discourse entitled "The imaging time" in which he started analysing the role of the image in our society to focus afterwards in the biomedical imaging development along the last decades and in the contribution that has entailed to the medical advance and the study of the disease.
Prof. Cerdán himself has notably contributed to the advance of preclinical imaging with the development of new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) applications that allow studying, at structural, functional and molecular level, numerous disorders and pathologies in experimental models. Among his research works, published in the most prestigious international journals, those focused in the use of 13C y 2H for studying metabolism specially stand out. He has been a pioneer in the development of this methodology and for that is worldwide recognised.
His huge contributions to the biomedical NMR has become essential for the amazing progress of the field and at the same time an inspiration for all those that have been trained in his laboratory.

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