Project awarded to Dr. Silvia Martín Puig and Dr. Benilde Jiménez Cuenca

Visit of the Technical Committee of the Domingo Martínez Foundation to the IIBM regarding project financing

  • The project presented by Dr. Silvia Martín Puig and Dr. Benilde Jiménez Cuenca, from the IIBM, will be funded by the Domingo Martínez Foundation in the 2023 call dedicated to Hypoxia and Cardiovascular Diseases

On the occasion of the awarding of the reseach project to Drs. Silvia Martín Puig and Benilde Jiménez Cuenca by Domingo Martínez Foundation, members of the Technical Committee of this Foundation: Antonio Bernal, Julio Marín, Emilio Alonso and Emilio Antón, together with Dr. Dolores González Pacanowska, CSIC researcher, visited the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Alberto Sols, IIBM, (CSIC-UAM).

The patrons of the Fundación Domingo Martínez were received by Dr. Mario Vallejo, Director of the IIBM (CSIC-UAM) and Dr.Silvia Martín Puig and Dr. Benilde Jiménez Cuenca, principal investigator and co-researcher of the grant "Vascular dysfunction in ischemic cardiac hypertrophy: identification of new biomarkers and treatments based on the use of hyperoxia. (CARDIO.COM)", selected as a finalist out of a total of 22 applications submitted in the last call for research grants in Biomedicine/Health from the Domingo Martínez Foundation, which in this 2023 edition revolves around proposals related to "Hypoxia and Cardiovascular Diseases". During their stay, the members of the Technical Committee visited the laboratory of Dr. Silvia Martín Puig, where they could learn more details about the selected proposal, as well as other lines of research that the group is currently developing, and interact with various scientists from the team, like Teresa Albendea, Susana Mendoza, Sonia Urra, Rosana Castro and Ana Isabel Gil. They also visited the IIBM facilities, including the Biomedical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core Unit, "Sebastián Cerdán", which was presented by Dr. Pilar López Larrubia.

In addition, the Technical Committee of the Fundación Domingo Martínez had the opportunity to visit the National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), an international reference center in cardiovascular research, where Dr. Martín Puig has worked for the last few years before moving to the IIBM.

The Fundación Domingo Martínez is a non-profit organization that since 1973 has the objective of promoting training and improvement in scientific questions by granting research projects. To date, it has dedicated around 3.5 million euros to finance 223 grants in the fields of Biomedicine and Health and Application of Materials. In addition, it actively participates in other actions to promote scientific research in our country, sponsoring several editions of the ComFuturo Program of the General CSIC Foundation and by granting various postdoctoral grants in collaboration with the Association of Friends of the CNIO to support research against cancer. Throughout its history, the Fundación Domingo Martínez has allocated more than 13 million euros to Study Scholarships and Research Grants.

This initiative of scientific sponsorship and commitment over the years by the Fundación Domingo Martínez contributes significantly to the development of new research projects, and undoubtedly represents an important economic boost for Spanish scientists. For this reason, from the IIBM (CSIC-UAM)we want to thank them for their visit and the time dedicated to getting to know our researchers and their facilities more closely, as well as for financing the CARDIO.COM project led by Dr. Silvia Martín Puig.