El IIBM despide con tristeza a nuestro querido Sebastián Cerdán

The IIBM says a sad farewell to our colleague Sebastián Cerdán

Dr. Sebastián Cerdán, CSIC Research Professor, colleague of all at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Alberto Sols, IIBM (CSIC-UAM), a colleague of all of us and friend of many of us, passed away last May 14th. His unexpected death has caused deep sorrow in all of us who have worked with him over the years, for whom he has been much more than a master. On a professional level Dr. Cerdán has been a brilliant and tireless scientist internationally recognized as a reference in the field of magnetic resonance, so it has been a great loss. He achieved numerous accomplishments that are easily found in the literature and attained positions of great prestige, most notably the Presidency of the European Society of Magnetic Resonance (ESMRMB), being a member of the management board of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMRM) and Full Member of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy (RANF). As a mentor, he always helped all of us who worked alongside him with extreme generosity, feeling the pride of a great teacher for our achievements. Sebastián Cerdán leaves an extensive and important legacy, with great scientists and technicians trained, not only at the IIBM, but also in numerous centers in Spain and other European countries.

On a personal level, he was always a kind and generous man, willing to help anyone who asked him far beyond mere cordiality.

We will miss you Sebastián, and honor how much you have influenced our lives.

May the earth be light to you, companion.