"Discover CSIC" video

The IIBM in "Discover CSIC" video

 Our center, the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Sols-Morreale (IIBM), CSIC-UAM has been presented in social networks by the CSIC to let society know our cutting-edge work in research

The new Difunde CSIC plan to strengthen CSIC's communication includes several objectives, including 'Discover CSIC'. This initiative consists of making promotional videos about the 124 CSIC Institutes to introduce society the research and innovation work carried out in these Institutes and to present the people behind these tasks. These videos show in a quick but entertaining way what each center achieves and why it is relevant; they will be about 5 minutes long and will be published in the most common social networks.

The Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Sols-Morreale, a joint center between CSIC and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid has been the third center chosen to be presented on YouTube and on the social network X. It has been announced as "Discover CSIC 3: IIBM-CSIC-UAM".

The video presents the IIBM as a research center that performs cutting-edge science in a number of human pathologies, applying a translational approach that integrates basic and clinical research, thanks to the close collaboration with several hospitals, mostly in the neighboring area. The center aims to develop increasingly precise tools for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. The center's research activity is divided into four departments that study cancer, rare diseases of genetic origin, those related to metabolism and the immune system, and neurological diseases, most of which are associated with aging.