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The Optical and Confocal Microscopy Unit (SEMOC) of IIBM provides our users with a number of light microscopy techniques. The Zeiss confocal laser scanning microscope (LSM710) allows the collection of optical sections from samples stained with fluorescent markers. This microscope is particularly well-suited for spectral separation of different fluorophores, analysis of three-dimensional structures, colocalization studies, as well as for acquisition of reflection images from materials. Furthermore, we have a fluorescence microscope for multidimensional acquisition (space dimensions -x, y, z-, fluorescence channels, time and different stage positions). This equipment enables the study of cell morphology, particle tracking, location of intracellular molecules, cell migration... We also offer different wide field microscopes, direct and inverted, equipped with brightfield, interdiferencial contrast (DIC) and phase contrast techniques. The staff assists researchers in image acquisition and provides training for the use of the microscopes. Additionally, support is provided in the processing and analysis of the acquired datasets. Our equipment is available to users of IIBM as well as researchers from other institutions.