The Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas "Alberto Sols" (IIBM), a joint center from the "Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and he Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Actually, IIBM is one of the most important Biomedical Research Centers in Spain. The scientific aims are distributed according to the 3 Research Areas of the Institute Physiopathology, Metabolism and Cell Signalling, and Cancer Biology, besides teaching is a very important part of our activities.

Latest Publications

Bermúdez-Muñoz, JM , Celaya, AM , Hijazo-Pechero, S, Wang, J, Serrano, M, Varela-Nieto, I . (2020). G6PD overexpression protects from oxidative stress and age-related hearing loss. Aging Cell. : e13275 (PMID: 33222382) (doi:10.1111/acel.13275)
González-Sancho, JM , Larriba, MJ , Muñoz, A . (2020). Wnt and Vitamin D at the Crossroads in Solid Cancer. Cancers (Basel). 12(11)(PMID: 33227961) (doi:10.3390/cancers12113434)
Huang, D, Tran, JT, Olson, A, Vollbrecht, T, Tenuta, M, Guryleva, MV, Fuller, RP, Schiffner, T, Abadejos, JR, Couvrette, L, Blane, TR, Saye, K, Li, W, Landais, E, Gonzalez-Martin, A , Schief, W, Murrell, B, Burton, DR, Nemazee, D, Voss, JE. (2020). Vaccine elicitation of HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies from engineered B cells. Nat Commun. 11(1): 5850 (PMID: 33203876) (doi:10.1038/s41467-020-19650-8)


IIBm researchers discover a new way to grow cancer stem cells from pancreatic cancer

Dr. Bruno Sainz's research team ( ), supported by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and the Carmen Delgado/Miguel...

Cholesterolnitrones, a new family of antioxidant molecules for the treatment of hearing loss

The Neurobiology of Hearing group, led by Prof. Isabel Varela Nieto, will carry out trials in cellular and animal models throughout 2021 to evaluate the efficacy of...

A possible new therapy for pancreatic cancer

A study carried out with the participation of the team led by Dr. Bruno Sainz, Jr., a researcher at the "Alberto Sols" Biomedical Research Institute...


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