Institute's Board
Members of the Institute Board  

President of the Board

Vallejo Fdez. de la Reguera, Mario The Manager

Members of the Board

Sánchez Pacheco, Aurora The Deputy Manager
Peso Ovalle, Luis del Director of Biochemistry Department
de Cárcer Díez, Guillermo Head of Cancer Biology Department
López Larrubia, Pilar Head of the Department of Pathophysiology Endocrine and Nervous System
Castrillo Viguera, Antonio Head of the Metabolism and Signals Department
Ruiz Pérez, Víctor Luis Head of the Experimental Models of Human Disease Department
Escalante Hernández, Ricardo Representative of Research Staff
López López, Mercedes Representative of Administration Technical Staff
Marcuello García, Sergio Representative of Laboratory Technical Staff
Martín Belinchón, Mónica Representative of Services Technical Staff


Ocaña Fernández, Isabel The Administrator