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This document summarizes the activity of the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Alberto Sols (IIBM), joint center from Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), during years 2011 and 2012. One can see in this Report the scientific activity of the different research groups, the training efforts of the Institute along with some bibliometric and finantial data.

This has been a difficult period for IIBM, which has been affected by the social and economic crisis that is beating our country and from which research is not excluded. This crisis has result in slower growth of faculty number: Dr. María Monsalve obtained a Científico Titular position. Internal promotion has allowed Dr. Rosario Perona to become Resarch Proffesor and Dr. Belén Peral Staff Scientist. In the Biochemistry Department Drs. Ramón Díaz, José Manuel González Sancho, Marina Lasa, Gema Moreno and Aurora Sánchez, have consolidated Associate Professor positions, and Drs. Carmela Calés, Antonio Cuadrado and Francsico Portillo  have become Full Proffesors. We have had also four retirements: Ms. Gerónima González, Ms. Amalia Montes, Ms. Eulalia Moreno, and Ms. Mª Dolores Velasco.

From an institutional point of view, it is of interest the consolidation of the International Campus of Excellence between UAM and CSIC, aiming the potentiation and invigoration of research structures in the UAM Campus, a task in which the CSIC institutes are playing an important role. Among the different initiatives of this joint adventure, I would like to highlight the technological platforms in which IIBM is involved through their technical services. We have recently created a new Service of Multimodal Imaging for experimental animals with TC, PET and SPECT capabilities, thanks to the adquisition by UAM of a high-performance, last generation apparatus. This service, along with the already available services of magnetic resonance imaging and in vivo-fluorescence imaging will make our Institute a national reference in experimental animal imaging.

During 2012 the Insitute directorship has been renewed. Besides my designation, Dr. Franscisco Portillo, Full Professor of the Biochemistry Department is the new Vicedirector. The Biochemistry Department head has also been renewed. Dr. Margarita Cervera is the new Chairman, Dr. Gema Moreno is the new Vicedirector and Dr. Víctor Calvo the secretary. I would like, therefore, to acknowledge the previous director teams of the Institute (Drs. Lisardo Boscá, Director, and Antonio Cuadrado, Vicedirector) and of the Biochemistry Department (Dr. Jesús Cruces, Chairman, Dr. Víctor Calvo, Vicedirector and Dr. Francisco Portillo, Secretary) for their dedication and acheivements during the period 2009-2012.

The challenges that our Institute faces for these next years are important. The crisis in which Spain is immersed has strongly affected research, with a budget cutback for CSIC of 9.9% for 2013. This cutback will, evidently, be transferred to the institutes. Moreover, significant cutbacks in competitive research grants will further damage the possibilities of research groups and job opportunities.

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the work and efforts of our Services of Information Technology and Scientific Immage for making possible the publication of this Report.

It is my wish that our Institute could navigate these setbacks and maintain the quality and productivity standards that have always been its objective and its raison d'être.

Jaime Renart


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