Laboratory of Gema Moreno Bueno

Research topics

Translational Research in Breast and Gynecological Cancer (Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer)

Key words: breast and gynecological cancer, prognosis, molecular classification, immunotherapy, targeted therapies.

During the last years, the main objective of the group has been the study of the mechanisms underlying tumor progression and metastasis together with the identification of new targets related to the response to treatment, using an approach based on pharmacogenomics and methods of analysis. mass, gene expression profiles and high-performance sequencing techniques.

Our group has deepened in the study of the molecular mechanisms of the Mesenchymal Epithelium Transition (TEM) as crucial events in tumor progression. Specifically, we have focused on the analysis of basal phenotype breast tumors as well as endometrial carcinomas and high grade ovarian serous.

Another line of research of the group has focused on advancing the molecular mechanisms that lead to failures. On the other hand, from a clinical point of view one of the failures in the treatment in breast cancer is the innate or acquired chemoresistance that patients develop. Studies carried out in the laboratory have revealed the existence of possible markers involved in resistance to Trastuzumab. In this line of work, new markers are searched with predictive and prognostic capacity, markers of alternative therapies in ovarian cancer and endometrial carcinomas.

The concrete objectives are:

a) Analysis of the gene expression profile in tumor and cell samples, related to TEM processes.

b) Identification of breast carcinomas of basal phenotype and / or carcinosarcomas as candidates to undergo TEM processes.

c) Identification of tumor markers in breast and gynecological cancer through high-throughput mass sequencing.

d) Pharmacogenomic study in breast cancer. Identification of drug resistance mechanisms.