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María Monsalve's group promoves scientific talent at IIBM

Scientists in practice is a pioneering experience in Spain promoted by the CSIC and the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science (AEAC) in Madrid to bring science closer to young people

Nineteen research groups, including the laboratory led by Dr. María Monsalve from the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Alberto Sols IIBM (CSIC-UAM), have hosted 38 students from 3rd ESO and 2nd PMAR (Learning and Performance Improvement Program) from June 20 to 24.

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science (AEAC) have launched a pilot project in Madrid to promote scientific talent in the country.  Thus, a total of 38 students from 3rd ESO and 2nd PMAR (Learning and Performance Improvement Program) have become scientists for a week, living together and collaborating in the daily work of nineteen research groups. The initiative is a pioneer in Spain and gives priority to students from the most vulnerable areas or populations in the Community of Madrid.

Dr. María Monsalve's research group has welcomed two students from the Miguel Delibes Secondary School (IES) in Ciudad Lineal. They are Celia Martí Royuela and Elvis Herrera Rey. These students have learned some scientific techniques and have carried out a couple of experiments with Laura Doblado Bueno, from María Monsalves´s team that have brought them closer to laboratory life. Both Dr. Monsalve's research group, especially Laura, and the students, Celia and Elvis, have been very satisfied with the experience. We congratulate the research group for their contribution to this initiative that encourages students to learn about the world of scientific research, develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary to perform a job, improve their knowledge about possible options in the choice of further studies, strengthen their communication skills and establish contact with a different and enriching social environment.

The closing ceremony was held on June 24, at the CSIC central campus. The promoter of this initiative, CSIC researcher Jesús Rey, presented the main conclusions and handed out the diplomas in the presence of professors and researchers, and the CSIC Delegation in Madrid.

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The program is a first for Spain, and it helps kids from the most vulnerable areas or groups in the Community of Madrid. slope game
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