The Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas "Alberto Sols" (IIBM), a joint center from the "Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and he Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Actually, IIBM is one of the most important Biomedical Research Centers in Spain. The scientific aims are distributed according to the 3 Research Areas of the Institute Physiopathology, Metabolism and Cell Signalling, and Cancer Biology, besides teaching is a very important part of our activities.

Latest Publications

Flores, CL , Gancedo, C . (2018). Construction and characterization of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain able to grow on glucosamine as sole carbon and nitrogen source. Sci Rep. 8(1): 16949 (PMID: 30446667) (doi:10.1038/s41598-018-35045-8)
Compte, M, Harwood, SL, Muñoz, IG, Navarro, R, Zonca, M, Perez-Chacon, G , Erce-Llamazares, A, Merino, N, Tapia-Galisteo, A, Cuesta, AM, Mikkelsen, K, Caleiras, E, Nuñez-Prado, N, Aznar, MA, Lykkemark, S, Martínez-Torrecuadrada, J, Melero, I, Blanco, FJ, Bernardino de la Serna, J, Zapata, JM , Sanz, L, Alvarez-Vallina, L. (2018). A tumor-targeted trimeric 4-1BB-agonistic antibody induces potent anti-tumor immunity without systemic toxicity. Nat Commun. 9(1): 4809 (PMID: 30442944) (doi:10.1038/s41467-018-07195-w)
Villahoz, S, Yunes-Leites, PS, Méndez-Barbero, N, Urso, K, Bonzon-Kulichenko, E, Ortega, S, Nistal, JF, Vazquez, J, Offermanns, S, Redondo, JM, Campanero, MR . (2018). Conditional deletion of Rcan1 predisposes to hypertension-mediated intramural hematoma and subsequent aneurysm and aortic rupture. Nat Commun. 9(1): 4795 (PMID: 30442942) (doi:10.1038/s41467-018-07071-7)


Dr. Belén Peral´s research group has been awarded with the FSEEN 2018 PRIZE

Dr. Belén Peral´s research group has been awarded with the FSEEN 2018 PRIZE  (Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition) to the best article...

Our Masters included in the first places of the 250 Best Masters Ranking 2018 Edition.

The masters given by the Biochemistry Department and the Molecular Biology Department at the UAM are included again in the 250 Best Masters Ranking by the newspaper El Mundo. In...

Dr. Gema Pérez was awarded with Professor Durantez - Foundation L.A.I.R. prize for the best article in the field of immunology carried out in a Spanish laboratory.

On February 15, the Lair Foundation celebrated its 25 th  anniversary. The Lair Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of immunology research and...


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